Episode 46: Safer Arizona 2018 - Nakisa

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Special Guest WOMENACE Nakisa, a pro-cannabis activist with Safer Arizona 2018, needs approximately 75,000 more signatures by June 30th in order for Arizonans to vote on whether or not they'd like to re-legalize recreational marijuana. Many in AZ apparently feel "medical is good enough", which is perhaps one reason rec didn't pass in 2016. But as Nakisa points out: Arizona has such a short list of qualifying medical conditions, many who could benefit from this plant are denied legal access to it. This initiative will, "Repeal prohibition on adult use of marijuana for Arizonans. It reflects the Will of the People NOT special interests". Even Terry Goddard, the Former Attorney General of Arizona agrees, and supports Safer AZ 2018, possibly because "More Americans die each year from hanging Christmas lights than pot". Nakisa charmingly breaks down what she and her group are doing to inform the public and register new voters- and by the way Arizona, you're all invited to the state wide Pot Luck Dinner. Just Say Know!